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■ - Cfttdlologista said the boy haa only i O-SO chance lo •ur\'tve Uie optr- Lion, However.. alnc( Ifie boy larc.i almost cerlaln deal Jj from the ailment, the only hope Ut" In jurgery. Anderson, in hbi first appearance :fore a congressional commlltee since he tieeame treasury secretary, testified at hearings on financing prnhlfip^^hrlng . afwhlch llmi sanity examlna Uon will probably be refl Ufsted. Worden, Body Found In L(«n-ta Ttif d Licovcrr of the kindly widow's butchered body in a lean-to on Oeln'* farm near Plslnfleld last Bunday uncoxered a jrlsly pile of human ikulla and other human body parts In the dcbrb-Iltt«red house.

Nor, 31 «*-The IJSS-taa _rfat'sn tc-ets Hur Anna Maria letoli a Vnli "almpldc ■ Nn- d fe It - 1 Jid a y-»oo n.» n t r aviol e n t ripped throu Bh her mld^ cr chamber of his heart that prevents normal biood'clreu- iation. Ike May Ask , For Increase In Debt Limit 'WASHINGTON. He anld no final decision ha and " t will c lite erery-erfori" to main within thi preoenl ipcndlng limit. In deciding' whether the limit ahould be raised, Anderson Murder Count ^Faces 'Horror House' Slayer Wa OTO. but a apeclal could be held next wi nuihorlt Jei Mid. Oeln aljo entered a plea ot Innocent to n robbery charge :in ronnec Uon with thetl ot a cash rc Rlster from the Plalntleld itort of Mrs.

pojlllon or lo' aiuravati Hflound condition •rrcnri)- nl KIni: -We reject l UKKe Jtlani of thli kind,- ihe «ecreinry -inid, addlnj lial pro Rrnms ot lli Li nature (or ither crop A tind not brouaht al MUt I tnie Ions-range tolution of their ether crow.

SI — Cecll E, Jonea, Twin Falls arheltecl, hn* been engaged by Burley Methodist church lor the construction of an educa- tional plant. Interested pcrsoni may phone REdw DOd 3-6G04 or REdwood 3-66S7. 327 Qulncy street, was taken to Magic Valley Memorial hoapilal Wcdnc Jday nicht by city police after police received a call My Ihq - tha-man faiile briefed on the new grade proposals al a department nieellng on ~ ' It was afireed 'the eouncll'i Wlil take no stand on these propoiali til atter the meeting and until they are considered lurlher by state grow- er group*. Job's Daughter*, win sell mums In Idaho SUte col- lege arul College of Idaho colora here Saturday -for the Benga J-Coyoto game. Other memben of t Ji» building commlttto are Edgar Moormaa chalrmnn: Hoy Mnrqueu. Pay- hienls Into th B lund are on sched- ule, accordlns to Jess Parsons, build- ing committee lrea.iurer.''who aald that well over a Uilrd of the total amount has been paid.

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