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Laurasia and Gondwana rejoined approximately 275 million years ago to form the supercontinent Pangea.

The break up of Pangea, which still goes on today, has contributed to the formation of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Moon is 357,000 km from Earth.[31] Ediacaran (Vendian) Period (630 to 542 mya) - 600 mya: Formation of the supercontinent Pannotia - 600 mya: Earth day is 20.7 hours long.[35] - 590 mya: Meteor impact, 90 km crater Acraman, South Australia - 580 mya: Soft-bodied organisms developed: Jellyfish, Tribrachidium, and Cambrian Period (542 to 488.3 mya) - Abundance of multicellular life. Evidence of anoxia in oceanic bottom waters, and global cooling.

- Most of the major groups of animals first appear Tommotian Stage (534 to 530 mya) - 510 mya: Vertebrates appeared in the ocean. Ordovician Period (488.3 to 443.7 mya) - diverse marine invertebrates, such as trilobites, became common - First green plants and fungi on land. Surface temperatures dropped from about 93°F (34°C) to about 78°F (26°C) - 370 mya: First trees appeared - 359 mya: Meteor impact, 40 km crater Woodleigh, Australia Carboniferous Period (359.2 to 299 mya) Mississippian Epoch (359.2 to 318.1 mya) (Lower Carboniferous) - 350 mya: Beginning of Karoo ice age.

- 4455 mya: Tidal locking causes one side of the Moon to face the Earth permanently.[30] - 4280 mya: Water started condensing in liquid form. The Moon is 282,000 km from Earth.[34] Earth day is 14.4 hours long[34] - Earth's atmosphere becomes mostly carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, and ammonia. Paleoproterozoic Era (2500 to 1600 mya) Siderian Period (2500 to 2300 mya) - Stable continents first appeared.

mammals - 145 mya: Meteor impact, 70 km crater Morokweng, South Africa [9] Cretaceous Period (145.5 to 65.5 mya) - Period of Active Crust Plate Movements - 133 mya: Meteor impact, 55 km crater Tookoonooka, Australia [9] - 125 mya: Africa and India separate from Antarctica - Flowering plants (angiosperms) appeared Montsechia vidalli was one of the first angiosperms.

- 120 mya: Global warming event starts Carbon dioxide levels were 550 to 590 ppm [27] - Proliferation of single-cell organisms (diatoms, dinoflagellates, and calcareous nannoplankton) changed ocean composition. - 110 mya: Crocodiles appeared - Snakes evolved during the mid-Cretaceous - 105 mya: South America breaks away from Africa - Formation of the Atlantic Ocean - Earth has no polar ice - Oldest group of living placental mammals developed - 100 mya: Earth's magnetic field is 3 times stronger than today.

- Atmospheric oxygen levels reach over 30% - Earth day is ~22.4 hours long.

The Moon is 375,000 km from Earth.[31] - Giant arthropods populate the land - Transgression and regression of the seas caused by glaciation - Deposits of coal form in Europe, Asia, and North America Permian Period (299 to 251 mya) - 275 mya: Formation of the supercontinent Pangea - Conifers and cycads first appear - Earth is cold and dry - Sail-backed synapsids like Edaphosaurus and Dimetrodon appeared - 260 mya: End of Karoo ice age.

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- 2100 mya: End of Huronian ice age Orosirian Period (2050 to 1800 mya) - Intensive orogeny (mountain development) - 2023 mya: Meteor impact, 300 km crater Vredefort, South Africa [9] - 2000 mya: Solar luminosity is 85% of current level. Mesoproterozoic Era (1600 to 1000 mya) Calymmian Period (1600 to 1400 mya) - Photosynthetic organisms continue to proliferate. - Formation of ozone layer starts blocking ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Origin of ancestor of all animals, plants and fungi Ectasian Period (1400 to 1200 mya) - Green (Chlorobionta) and red (Rhodophyta) algae abound. Silurian Period (443.7 to 416 mya) - 420 mya: End of Andean-Saharan ice age.

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